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Healthy Living is Both a Mental and Physical Journey

Many people are concerned about healthy living in our modern day society, unfortunately the vast majority finds it very difficult to stick to the changes they want to make to their lifestyle. Why is this? It is because they want to focus on having a healthy lifestyle, but do not back it with the correct mindset.

Healthy living is not simply about making rapid lifestyle changes which normally only last a short while. It is about getting the body and mind to work together for the greater good of the individual.

When people decide to embark on a journey towards healthy living, they often forget the saying, "a healthy mind leads to a healthy body". It works like this, if you make sudden lifestyle changes which will shock your subconscious mind, it is going to reject these changes and you will soon be following your same old bad habits.

To effectively make changes in your lifestyle which are aimed at healthy living, you need to prepare for it mentally as well. Set yourself goals and back these goals up with reasons why you want to achieve them, this will help to keep you on track and make the changes more sustainable.

Next back these changes up with daily affirmations which tell your subconscious why you are making these changes. For instance, say you want to give up smoking. Use daily affirmations such as "I permit only pure oxygen into my lungs as it is good for me and those around me". This will help your subconscious understand that it is something you truly want and therefore it will do all in its power to make it a reality.

Stress is also a very big factor when it comes to healthy living. More people die due to stress related illness than any other cause. Learn how to manage your stress and minimize it wherever you can. This will greatly help you down the road to healthy living.

As you can plainly see from these examples, healthy living is as much a mental exercise as a physical one and it is your responsibility to use this information to the best of your ability. As long as changes you are making in your lifestyle are not backed up by positive mindsets, the less the chance is that they will be sustainable.

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